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Haley - First and foremost, my Mom is my best friend. She is everything to me. We have always talked about opening our own business together and have spent almost my entire life refining our dream. My Mom and I do pretty much everything together, so working together sounded amazing to me. We came up with the idea for Adorned Accessories Boutique in 2013 and spent the next two years building a business plan. She has always instilled a strong work ethic in me by showing me what makes a great boss and one that my employees can respect. Being a single mother, she has shown me what a strong woman looks like. She has taught me to be independent and never make excuses.

I, myself, have always been interested in fashion and have always liked to wear different accessories. I love to wear simple and comfortable outfits like t-shirts and jeans but turn them into WOW outfits with the perfect accessories! That’s right, ladies and gentlemen… you do not need to be wearing an extravagant outfit to wear extravagant accessories!

Laura - At the heart of my soul are my two children, Kyle and Haley. Both are an incredible in-spiration to me. My interest to provide them with guidance, support and opportunity is profound-ly inherent in everything I do, plus they are both so much fun to be around! As a result, I am proud to convey my (now adult) son is an accomplished stunt entertainer, craftsman and devoted full-time animal advocate employee. My daughter and I always talked about how great it would be if we created a career-based opportunity together focusing on the strength of our bond and using a Mother-Daughter duo concept as a launching pad! We started planning to open a business together when she turned eighteen and we spent the next two years building out all the intricate details of a business model. It was easy to decide the “what” we wanted to do as we share a passion for fashion accessories (jewelry, scarves, handbags, etc). The “how” was a lot of hard work fueled by our energy, interest to work together, and a superb support team of financial advisors, business developers, lawyers, and so forth - opening an accessories boutique became the lifetime dream. We had strong reinforcement from family and friends all along the way and our exciting journey is only beginning! We hope you enjoy perusing our site and we are grateful for your support! Come join in our enthusiasm where trendy meets traditional in our Mother Daughter adventure that never grows old!

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